Who Is Becky With The Good Hair?


When Beyoncé dropped her sixth studio album, Lemonade, on April 23, the world might have been ready for just about anything… until she released a short film to accompany her album on HBO. Then the world set fire.

The HBO special could easily be defined as a 60-minute tribute to the beauty of African-American culture, social injustice, female empowerment, spiritual exploration, mesmerizing fashion, and a bold exposure of infidelity.

Undoubtedly, Lemonade is not only a masterpiece, but perhaps Queen Bey’s greatest studio album to date. There are so many messages to take away from Lemonade, but there’s only one question the world has: who is Becky with the good hair?

It’s the 4th track off the album Lemonade that has everyone talking: Sorry.

The lyrics of Sorry tell the story about a woman who is aware of her husband’s affair, how she left him with their child in hand and a note on the door the night she believes he was with Becky, his mistress with the good hair.

Here’s the third and last verse of Sorry:

Looking at my watch, he shoulda been home
Today I regret the night I put that ring on
He always got them f*cking excuses
I pray to the Lord you reveal what his truth is
I left a note in the hallway
By the time you read it, I’ll be far away
I’m far away
But I ain’t f*cking with nobody
Let’s have a toast to the good life
Suicide before you see this tear fall down my eyes
Me and my baby, we gon’ be alright
We gon’ live a good life
Big homie better grow up
Me and my woodies ’bout to stroll up
I see them boppers in the corner
They sneaking out the back door
He only want me when I’m not there
He better call Becky with the good hair
He better call Becky with the good hair

It’s the last two lines of this verse, “he only want me when I’m not there; he better call Becky with the good hair,” that has everyone gossiping about an alleged affair Jay-Z may of had at some point before and/or during his marriage to Beyoncé.

In 2014, TMZ obtained a CCTV video of Solange, Beyoncé’s younger sister, violently attacking Jay-Z in the elevator of the Standard Hotel in New York City, on the night of a Met Gala After Party. Beyoncé, also in the elevator, stood aside without getting involved in the physical altercation. On a down-low level, it is widely believed that Solange may have attacked Jay-Z over an alleged affair against Beyoncé.

Since the release of Lemonade on April 23, there has been no word from either Jay-Z or Beyoncé in response to public allegations and concern of an affair. As a result of the silence, an overwhelming number of Beyoncé fans have launched social media attacks against a number of women, including Rachel Roy and Rita Ora.

Rachel Roy, a fashion designer, posted a photo of herself with a friend via Instagram on April 23, shortly after Lemonade was released, with the following caption:

Good hair don’t care, but we will take good lighting, for selfies, or self truths, always. live in the light #nodramaqueens

The Instagram post quickly caught wind on social media, and the BeyHive swarmed Rachel Roy’s Instagram, accusing her of being “Becky with the good hair” and having an affair with Jay-Z, as referenced in Sorry. In an effort to control the backlash, Rachel took down the post, and changed her privacy settings on her Instagram from public to private.

On April 24, amidst the controversy, Rachel made a public statement via Twitter, saying that she respects marriage, love, and families, but bullying is unacceptable:

While Rachel Roy appears to be sincere in her sentiments, it hasn’t stopped many Beyoncé fans from firmly believing that Rachel Roy is the “Becky” referenced in Sorry, a woman who may have had an affair with Jay-Z, and the reason Solange savagely attacked Jay-Z in 2014.

Since the hunt for “Becky with the good hair” began, the BeyHive shifted their swarm from Rachel Roy to Rita Ora, the British singer who was featured on Iggy Azalea’s single Black Widow. On April 23, Rita Ora shared an image of herself in a lemon-printed bikini with a “J” necklace around her neck on Snapchat:

BeyHive fans can’t help but draw conclusions, assuming that the lemon bikini is a symbol of betrayal against Beyoncé, and the “J” necklace is an acknowledgement of her alleged affair with Jay-Z. It’s completely possible that Rita was simply paying her respects to Beyoncé and the influence of her Lemonade album release, and maybe she even wore the “J” necklace in respect of Jay-Z, as well.

On April 26, Rita released a statement on Twitter:

In December 2015, Rita Ora filed a lawsuit against Roc Nation, the record company owned by Jay-Z, seeking release from the label. In her lawsuit, Rita cited that the contract she signed in 2008 is unenforceable because of California’s seven-year rule, and believes that she no longer has a relationship with anyone at the company… which could also mean that she no longer has a relationship with Jay-Z, if you catch my drift.

The search for “Becky with the good hair” continues.

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