Britney Spears in a photoshoot for her eighth studio album, Britney Jean.

Britney Spears Fansite Outranks and, Per Alexa Rank

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According to Alexa rankings, the Britney Spears fansite,, has ranked higher than both and!

As they say, statistics never lie. Alexa rankings have determined that is the most visited official website of Britney Spears, while is her most visited fansite in not only the United States, but the WORLD!

As of December 2, 2013, also known to Britney fans as her 32nd birthday, the Global Rank for is #82,138, while the rank in the United States is #58,823. has a Global Rank of #432,872 and a USA rank of #340,703. ranks #43,089 WORLDWIDE and #32,680 in the United States alone.

Breathe Heavy is an unofficial Britney Spears fan site. It has one of the largest fan forums in the world, cleverly called “Exhale”.

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